Those of you who know me personally know that I, well, struggle with being a better taker of criticism. I’m just not that thick-skinned. Even if it’s meant well, if it’s not personal or if it is incredibly valuable, I still feel that sting, that defensiveness, well up in me.

That’s why this article in Entrepreneur was very motivating for me. In short, here is some of what the very smart Barry Farber has to say about using criticism to your benefit:

1. Question your source. Is the person telling you something someone whose opinion and outlook you respect and value?

2. Mentors. Surround yourself with smart people you trust and whose counsel you will use and benefit from. These will also be the people who help you back up when you are feeling really crappy.

3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You won’t get anywhere if you’re lounging 24/7 in your comfort zone.

4. Detach. This is where you move around, breathe, get up, get out and stop obsessing.

Ahhhh….it all sounds so great. Now if I could just live this advice…..