How many of you play by the rules? Your own rules, your competitors’ rules, your colleagues’ rules, life’s rules, you know: THE RULES?

If you asked me, I would definitely say I’m one to follow the rules. I’ve always been that person. But you know what? Following the rules isn’t always enough and isn’t always the best course of action.

What about making the rules? Or changing the rules? Or bending the rules? What I am learning as I continue to  grow personally and professionally is that it takes a certain confidence and a strong vision to stop following and to start leading. And when I look back on any time I accomplished something new or different I see that somewhere on that path I made a new rule or did something other than what was expected.

Blazing a new path can be scary at times. And following a predictable and well-worn path feels very comfortable. But you know what? It’s not always the best way to your dreams and your clients’ dreams.

Ask any wildly, fantastically successful person how they got where they are and they will tell you all about how they made their own way, crafted their own rules and set the bar at a whole new height.

All of this goes for your marketing and copywriting as well. As I have said many times before, doing something just because you “should” or “everyone else is doing it” won’t get you the results you seek over the long-term.

So stay honest, stay ‘real” and always stay true to who you as a business are. And while you do all that, be as bold, different and memorable as you can possibly be. And try to also have fun while you’re at it.