Aftermath: A Granddaughter’s Story Of Legacy, Healing & Hope

The first-of-its-kind memoir by a “3G,” or grandchild of Holocaust survivors, Aftermath is about being born into a history that never goes away. It is about reconciling memories of a tragic past with hopes for a better future. It is about the delicate balance between a proud legacy and a burdensome responsibility.

Drawing on her personal experience, Allison has written a memoir that is universal in its raw and real examination of healing, recovery, forgiveness and breaking family patterns for the benefit of future generations.


“I admire and salute your honesty and your self-awareness. You are a gift, as is this book.”

“This book is so different, so sobering, so nuanced in its telling of a truly unique and, at the same time, beautiful and sad story.”

“The burden of the story had very different effects on the three powerful women in this book, and it drove the trajectory of each of their lives in different ways. I commend Allison for being brave enough to share a very private story and for coming out stronger on the other side.”

“Thanks, Allison, for the beautiful words and honesty – you make it easier for us all to heal.”

“Your book blew me away. I inhaled it, couldn’t put it down…I’m going to read it again.”

“This isn’t just a book about the Holocaust and its aftermath; it’s a book about mothers and daughters and the things we pass down from generation to generation, sometimes unintentionally. It’s also about forgiveness and healing and what we can accomplish when we are aware of and intentional about what we’re passing down.”