Copywriting 101

This is the first and ultimate “DIY” guide for small business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs and others who want to or have to write their own copy. No gimmicks, no shortcuts, just the most efficient way to do it with the potential for the most profitable and successful outcomes.

Allison Nazarian, a leading copywriter and mentor to others in the field for two decades, gives you the tools and building blocks you need to be your very own best copywriter.


“We needed seed content in a hurry for our blog and landing pages and quite frankly we did not have the budget. This book became our copywriting bible and we got the job done—and done well! ”

“Whether you must write your own copy for budget reasons or you’re someone who likes to do things yourself, this is the copywriting book for you! It’s part-how-to and part-marketing primer, all written in the most easy-to-understand and easily implementable way.”

“This blew me away and I was not expecting that. Read this book, refer to it after you have read it and I promise you, your copy will rock!”