When I see that my bf or my bff has poked me on Facebook.

When I have completed my grocery shopping before 9am.

Listening and re-listening to my 5-year-old niece’s voicemails to me.

Florida sunrises and sunsets.

Florida winters.

Scrolling through the ridiculous amounts of books on my kindle and looking at the cover picture of each.

A room-temperature bottle of Pelligrino or Perrier. Swigging directly from the bottle. Or drinking it in a wine glass. #classy


The moment I have finished filling up my little 7-day vitamin thingie for the week.

Trash day.

The moment the cleaning lady has left my spotless house.

My tattoos.

The way my dog makes this bizarre sound to remind me it is chow time, at almost exactly the same time every afternoon.

Hitting the “send” button when I have finished a client project or other work that had been on my plate for a while.

Emails from Paypal telling me that I have money.

Slow cooker meals that actually work, that actually are easy and that actually taste awesome. #beefstew

The freedom I have found since I stopped blowdrying and flatironing my hair.

Figuring out how to do things myself, like adjusting my sprinkler system or emptying the Central Vac bin.

Smiling at someone I don’t know and, for a brief millisecond, knowing that connecting with a total stranger is possible and probable.

Drinking hot tea in my favorite Dollar Store mug, staring outside at the lake and the birds, and not caring that I have nothing to do all day long.

People taking the time to tell me how much my writing has meant to them.

When I catch glimpses in my teenagers of the little boy or little girl who used to live there.

When one of my children volunteers to walk the dog. I think this makes me happy, but I barely remember.

A full tank of gas.

A full refrigerator and meals planned for at least the foreseeable future (3 days)

Effortless conversation.

Instant connection.

Signs and messages that make sense and go deep.

When good things happen to good people.

Comfy chairs.

Looking at my nails, newly-long after years of biting and other abuses.


Moving on.

Letting go.

Loving the right people.

Love from the right people. And from anyone or anywhere else.

The way things always seem to work out for the best.


Lists of good things.


What about YOU? Tell me THREE random things that make you happy.

* * *