The Story You Were Meant To Live






You are already living the life you were meant to live; here’s how to make it into the life you want

So, you’re sitting with Oprah…

… You’re explaining who you are, what you do. And Oprah is nodding and saying those things she says: “I totally get that,” she says. “That is just wonderful.” You speak it; she gets it – more important, you get it. Held in her gaze, warmed by her great heart, you see and speak your message: you tell your story.

A few months later, you are standing on the stage at the TED Conference…

…  You have 18 minutes to tell the audience the message you were born to deliver: the one thing that you absolutely have to get done, get told, get to…  before you die. The audience nods as you speak, they get it – and more important, you get it.

And there, if you’re like most people, the fantasy ends. 

“I have no idea what my calling (my story) is,” most people tell me. Oh, we’ve all got a vision board and a journal full of notes about the purpose-driven work we’ll do ‘someday’, but in present time, most people say, “I’m not there yet.”

Convinced that they have to perfect themselves before daring to launch their blog, design their dream business or write their book, they hold back. Trained to believe they’re not special enough, educated enough; good enough (yet), they swallow the words they long to express, stuff their ears to the voice of calling.

They believe that if they just keep working at it – and manage to keep up with cultural trends, one day they’ll be ready. 

I am here to tell them – and you – this is a pile of lies. In fact, this is the REAL fantasy.  Which is why it feels so wrong, so hard, so painful…

Here’s the truth: You are a blessed part of a sea of miracles with an important part to play in the unfolding of creation. 

You’re a messenger with a unique and priceless gift for the world. When you withhold your gift, you ache. When you make excuses, you ache some more. Sometimes the ache is emotional – a vague sense of longing; sometimes, it goes deeper, into your cell tissue, manifesting as stress, symptoms and even dis-ease.

Which is crazy because here you are, already special, already ready. No hoops to jump through, no points to earn, nothing to fix. 

Oh, I know you don’t believe me. 

But you see, I’m a messenger, too. And if I were sitting on Oprah’s sofa, or standing on the stage at TED, here’s what I’d say:  You are a miracle – a blessed part of a vast, rich gesture – of love, of light, of life – that is bursting to express itself through you.

You are part of a story of love telling itself, a story that is, right now, awakening every human being on the planet.

This is the secret, the mystery, the great reveal: we are living inside of a story. The awareness of this one truth changes everything.

How it changes everything

Where, in the past, we believed that we were victims of circumstance, family genetics, and fate – now, as we awaken, we see that our thoughts and actions have an impact on the world (and the story.) This teaches us that we can change our story.

Where in the past, we believed that there was one truth and that part of our work as social creatures was resolving what that ‘truth’ REALLY is – now, as we awaken, we see that other people are telling a different story, and that their story, too, has an impact on the world.  This teaches us that there is more than one story; and, that there is a wider, more inclusive narrative in play – a great story wide enough to include our many ways of understanding reality.

We see that, right now, the entire world is engaged in a conversation about what is true. The whole world is asking: What story will carry us into the 21st century and beyond? 

Each of us is doing this. We are also doing this collectively. On every level, we are comparing the story we are living (the world of form) with the story whispering to us from inside (the world of potential – the world waiting to be born.)

As we compare, we are awakening.

We are learning that: we are free. And now, wide awake and free, we are empowered.

Do you see this? By awakening to this simple truth, you get your power back – you get it back from the institutions that do not serve you, you get it back from relationships that you believed would save you, you get it back from wounds that, until now, kept you locked into a story of ‘oh well…” 

You get your power back by choosing to bring your internal story – the one that’s been whispering to you all of your life – to the world.  By translating wishes into choices and, with courage and humility, stepping onto the stage of your own life. 

In this way, you change the story of your life – and the world.

How to bring your inner story out into the light

  1. Feel your feelings. Train your senses. You are wired with an automatic sensing, guiding, knowing system. Learn to trust it. What is it telling you? Where is it leading you? This is guidance.

  2. Get your mind out of the way. At a soul level, you already know what your one story is. Your mind is trained to disbelieve it. All of your life, you’ve been told, “You’re getting too big for your britches,” and, “Know your place,” and another whole pile of lies about how ‘people like us’ don’t make it in this world.  Find those beliefs and challenge each one. Say, “I am exactly the right size for these britches,” “My place is at the center of my own story,” “There is no such thing as ‘people like us’ – I am a unique expression of the creative impulse of the Divine…” or something else, that feels true, that resonates, for you.

  3. Test the world. Risk trying again. Risk asking a question. Risk the possibility that you’ll get a response to your prayers.

Open the treasure chest at the center of your heart: Speak. Write. Sing. Pray. Use your voice.

Tell your story. Change your life. 

About Amy Oscar:
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