Love Your Mess

Real life can be is messy. Many of us spend our lives trying to complicate it, to run from it, to deny it, to defy it and to change it. We are taught to clean, hide, put away, sweep out, pretend about and generally just get rid of our messes. And for good reason.

A mess is, well, a mess. Can be ugly. Nasty. Itchy. Painful. Yucky. But this is real life. And real life can be is messy. For each of us, a huge part of this journey we call life is about learning to accept, embrace, revel in and, yes, love your mess.


“I admire and salute your honesty and your self-awareness. You are a gift, as is this book.”

“This book is so different, so sobering, so nuanced in its telling of a truly unique and, at the same time, beautiful and sad story.”

“The burden of the story had very different effects on the three powerful women in this book, and it drove the trajectory of each of their lives in different ways. I commend Allison for being brave enough to share a very private story and for coming out stronger on the other side.”