Last night, I had a midnight throw-up and ear-hurting session with my 5-year-old niece.

It had been awhile, as my own kids are teenagers. And I found that while I was rusty, I remembered everything: What to check, what medicine to administer, what symptoms are worrisome. I didn’t even care if she vomited outside the toilet or the sink.

It all came back to me. And this time, I had no anxiety or doubt about any of it. I knew she’d be fine. I knew that in this case, being sick this was fleeting.

I had perspective. I knew I knew what I was doing. 

It’s funny how little faith we have in ourselves at times. We then later come to see that we knew everything we needed to know. Maybe this is why grandparents have so much fun. 

Maybe I will start acting and reacting more like a fun grandparent. Or the fun aunt that I am.

That is all.