Today, I am wearing a green dress. It is bright green and loud. It feels so lovely against my skin and flows so beautifully with every step I take.

I loved this dress the moment I saw it on the rack in the store. I couldn’t decide between sizes, but when I saw that it was on sale for $9.99 and my only size choice was a small, I grabbed it. (I like to fancy myself a small, even if that isn’t entirely accurate.)

I wear a lot of black and neutral colors. I’m not big into clothes or fashion and you can generally find me in jeans and flip flops, so I felt super-excited and special the first time I wore this dress. I felt good about it all day long. I wasn’t focused on what I was wearing, but I felt airy, the dress was flowing, I was wearing something that wasn’t black and, hell, I got a great deal on it, too!

I was doing great, until another person felt the need to bring me down.

Someone who is not known for tact or good taste took one look at me in the dress, sneered, and made a nasty comment about the color and my reasons for wearing it.

It was as if I was a balloon and I’d allowed that person to take a giant pin to my balloon skin.

Whooooosh……all of the air hissed and poured out of me. All of the reasons I’d felt so great about this new dress evaporated. My bouncy, happy step was gone.

This person wanted to make me feel like shit. Mission Accomplished.

* * *

I didn’t wear the dress again. My eyes would fall upon it in my closet, and I’d keep them moving along. I didn’t want to think about it, and I didn’t want to wear it again.

Maybe the color was too much.

Maybe it wasn’t a flattering style.

Maybe I should never wear dresses again.

Maybe I wasn’t cut out for a size small.

Fast-forward to this morning: Without planning or thought, I picked the green dress out today. I put it on. It goes well with my new messy-hair look (no blowdrying, no flatironing). My gold “Love” necklace looks lovely next to the green fabric. It fits so well, and I even can tell I have lost a few pounds since I last wore the dress.

I love this green dress. And you know what? That other person probably did, too. They wish they had the equivalent of the green dress themselves. They’d love to find profound pleasures in simple things like a $9.99 green dress. They yearn for a way to break out of the cycle of nastiness and anger they live in.

But they are not my problem. Their opinion of my kick-ass green dress matters not to me. They have no say over what I do, what I wear or who I am in this world. Sure, I allowed them to have a say, but I took it back. And I put it on.

And it looks awesome.

–> What is YOUR green dress? What did you stop doing or saying or wearing or being because of someone else’s comment or opinion or assessment? And what will you start doing or saying or wearing or being again despite — and because of their unimportant opinion?


* * *