Late Nights and Sick Kids

Allison Nazarian Allison Nazarian

Last night, I had a midnight throw-up and ear-hurting session with my 5-year-old niece. It had been awhile, as my own kids are teenagers. And I found that while I was rusty, I remembered everything: What to check, what medicine to administer, what symptoms are worrisome. I didn’t even care if she vomited outside the toilet or the sink. It …

The Switch

Allison Nazarian Allison Nazarian, Life Lessons, Real Life

Last week, I took a stash of movies from my boyfriend’s massive collection. Most were chick flicks (he was more than happy to glad to get rid of those). The first I watched was “The Holiday.” It’s a light and predictable movie typical of its genre, perhaps on the smarter end of the spectrum (or at least not the we-will-make-a-movie-with-the-assumption-that-most-women-are-idiots …

Today Is The Day (And Other Stories I Tell Myself)

Allison Nazarian Allison Nazarian, Real Life, The Life of Allison

Every day I wake up and think “This is it. Today is the day it will be different. Today, things will change.” Then I start to think (sometimes I list on paper) all of the things I am going to complete that day. Some are Big Idea things. 
 Some are errand-y things.
Some are carry-over things from the day before …