Your miracle. It’s coming.

Even when you don’t see it or a hint of its light.

It’s on its way. And there isn’t much you have to do to make sure it finds its way to you. That’s part of the miracle, like it knows.

It’s hard to remember, when things seem shitty or off-course or very un-miracle-like. And maybe you are expecting a Miracle with a capital “M” — fanfare, maybe a band and a big announcement? Or maybe you think that everyone else except for you is all awash in miracles. When will it be your turn? Why not you? Have you been forgotten or overlooked? I thought I deserved it more.

The thing is, it is your turn. Sometimes miracles come in softly, with pitter-patter of feet rather than stomping of boots. Privately instead of broadcast all over Facebook. Dressed a little differently than you’d anticipated. Simply, with dignity and subtlety.

It’s in the little things: The food you eat, the air you breathe, the thud of your feet hitting the floor first thing in the morning. The steaming coffee or tea, the unexpected “I love you” from your teenager, the incredible feedback from a client you worked so hard for. It’s in the finished project that took so much longer than you’d expected, in your honey coming home early from work and surprising you. That thing you finally crossed off your to-do list. It’s in your ability to laugh at it all, even when it really seems to suck. It’s in going to sleep tonight and waking up tomorrow morning.

All of that is your miracle. Maybe it isn’t fancy or sexy. But it is yours. And it is miraculous. Yes, I daresay, you are living your miracle in any and every given moment.

It’s coming. And, it’s already here.