You cannot do everything today. 


You cannot finish it all. You cannot be everything to everyone. And despite what you expect from yourself, you cannot go at a super-human pace without taking a breath.

Not today, and probably not tomorrow, either.

But you can do one thing today. And then one thing after that, and again after that.

One thing. 

I used to pile-high my daily to-do lists with enough to occupy three people over two weeks. And then I wondered why I seemed to have no time, why I was always tired and why I never managed to finish my lists and meet my own expectations. I was never happy with my output, always dissatisfied with my performance.

It was never enough.

It was too damn much.

Now I work on focusing on one little thing at a time. And when I find myself spinning out of control, wondering why nothing is getting done because I am trying to do everything at once, I stop myself. And I go back to one little thing.

Sometimes that one little thing is really important, like a chapter for my book or a client’s project. Sometimes it is something fun like finding new cool raw food recipes or reading one of my home design magazines. And sometimes that one little thing is a no-brainer like checking out Facebook or my fantasy football scores. But no matter how you slice it, one little thing is one little thing.

Because one little thing is all you can do at any given time.

One little thing is where you will find your focus, and your pace and your answers and your bliss. One little thing is one of the best ways you can honor yourself every single day and, yes, get things done.

One little thing.

Not two. Not 10.