So…I have been doing this thing (and by “this thing” I mean copywriting, running the show, being my own boss, wearing a million hats, etc.) for long enough to  know.

You know….to know.

To spot him or her.

The potential client who represents everything you would prefer to not work with. Ever. Often a super-nice person, and well-meaning, too. But on every other imaginable level, so not the right fit for you. (And that’s putting it nicely…).

I had the prototype for this person approach me through my copywriting website over the weekend. As I generally do, I replied with a few questions right away.

Almost instantly, Joe Client told me the following, in no particular order:

1) We are on a tight deadline. We need this 15-20-page website content written immediately.

2) I need someone on your team to call me first thing Monday morning.

3) We are on a tight budget. Just thought you should know this up front.

4) I have proposals from other copywriting service providers, but I want to work with you.

5) If you can work with my budget, I have many more projects down the line for you.

6) My budget is $X. Your estimate is abotu $2X. How can you make this happen for me? (My answer: You can reduce your site by half the number of pages.)

7) I don’t want to devalue your expertise and services but (love the “but”) I can only pay $X.  Ultimately, I need you to tell me how many pages I need. I can’t take responsibility if the project goes beyond $X.

After a few emails like this back and forth, I decided to listen to my intuition (which had been warning me since Email 1) and cut bait.

“Hi Joe Client,

I am going to pass on this project.

Best of luck to you.


It’s all a learning experience….it’s all a learning experience…