So today is the last day before school starts where I live.

That means that today is all about things like:

  • Going to school to meet the teachers (that’s what they do here — actually makes no sense and is a slight waste of time for any kid over the age of 6 but who am I to fight City Hall?!)
  • Packing backpacks with glue sticks, erasers, folders, binders, wide-ruled paper, highlighters, divider tabs and book covers that may or may not be lost, used and/or traded.
  • Trying on school shirts and shorts to see what actually fits (thankfully, our public schools have a dress code/uniform).

I’ve been around the day-before-school block enough to know that there’s stuff to be done at the last minute and while it’s not much, time needs to be set aside. And the ability to set aside this time for my kids and for any other part of my life is a key reason why I so love and am so grateful for the freedom that my business affords me.

So why am I surprised and frustrated that I got nothing done workwise today?! Such is the day before school. I know this! So why did I set my expectations so unreasonably high for today?! Why was my To-Do list at its utmost of get-it-done-today-ness? And why at around 2 or 2:30 pm did I have the equivalent of a Terrible-2s-meltdown-tantrum when it dawned on me that it just wasn’t happening for me and my To-Do nemesis today?!

The obvious answer that you, I am sure, and I know is that I was totally unreasonable. I knew what today would bring, yet I didn’t plan accordingly. The reality is that I cannot be and do everything at all times. I have been doing this working mom thing since for almost 12 years — I know the drill. I live the drill. I am the drill!

But I messed up the drill…

So instead of beating myself up about how now tomorrow will need to magically become a day in which I smoosh two days’ worth of work, I took a deep breath. And honestly, it felt better to be angry and frustrated than to take the breath…but I took the breath anyway.

I’ve rearragned tomorrow’s To-Do list while monitoring school uniform trying on and backpack organizing. And I’m also working on the managing expectations thing. And on better time management. And on beating myself up a little less.

I’ll let you know how it goes….