My name is Allison and I am addicted to buying domain names.

I am in recovery.

I’m making progress.

I’m getting better.

But like any addiction, it is a lifelong thing.

At my highest point, I had around 100-110 domain names. For those of you who are hardcore, this is nothing. For the rest of you normal people, this is simply ridiculous.

At an average of $10 to renew each and every year, we are talking an average of $1,000 per year, every year, for years.

What for?




Flashes of inspiration.

Or nonsense.

Taking domain names off auto-renew  requires being honest. With myself.

Admitting that the brilliant idea I had…

1) wasn’t actually brilliant and/or

2) wasn’t ever actually ever going to happen and/or

3) made absolutely no f***ing sense.

Taking names like, and (don’t ask) was much harder than you’d ever think. (They are available if you want them.)

Taking them off auto-renew means letting go of the mental and financial clutter that is a domain name addiction and moving on.

* * *

I’m down to 40-50 now.

I should be around 25 in a few months.

It is still too much, in my opinion.

It’s a process.

Every time I receive an email from Go Daddy warning me that my life could possibly end if this domain name is not renewed, I am reminded that it is possible to let go of anything.

Absolutely anything, from domain names to much, much bigger patterns and beliefs. To dreams that no longer match me, to old ways of being and thinking.

Making space for the new, for that which moved you forward powerfully, is the key to a lot of healing. To a lot, period.

It isn’t easy, but it is doable.

And usually, cheaper, too.