Choosing a keyword rich domain name is a good exercise in SEO copywriting.

The ideal domain name is like a powerful headline. It may include a promise, a benefit or a description. At the very least, it is brandable. With good SEO copywriting, a domain name may have a number of these elements.

Choosing a domain should be one of the first things you do when you set up your business. You may also be asked for advice on domain names by clients who want you to handle their SEO copywriting from the very start.
Helping both search engines & readers
If your client’s business name is Best Miami Cattery, this also makes a great keyword rich domain name.

It is likely to be found when people search “miami cattery” or “best miami cattery.” The domain name is also shown in the last line of the search result. People often glance at this to see how credible the source of the information is.
However, a keyword rich domain name is not absolutely crucial, especially if you have or can build strong brand awareness. Even a small niche company can build a strong brand fairly quickly, especially on the web.