Robots “spider” or crawl the web gathering information. They sort what they find, then determine its relevance for a specific search term.

They do this by looking for keywords and keyword phrases on a topic. When you are writing for the web, your do it yourself web copywriting needs to be written around keyword phrases.

Using keywords well so search engines will love you
If you run a boutique gourmet cupcake bakery, you want to stand out from regular bakeries. Maybe you specialize in running workshops. Your keyword phrases might be “gourmet cupcakes” and “gourmet cupcakes workshops.”

When you repeat these keyword phrases throughout your web copy, the search engines will note that the article is primarily about gourmet cupcakes workshops. If you continue to write lots of articles on a focused topic, the search engines recognize that you’re an authority in this area.

When someone looks up your keyword phrases, the search engine results will show your article. The more authoritative the search engines deem your site and content to be, the higher up in the rankings your article will appear.

A word of caution though – spiders are robots.They are not your readers.
In your do it yourself web copywriting, use keyword phrases in a way that is for your readers as well as search engines.