I really REALLY like this saying.

It’s like: Go for it, give it all you have, do it 110% or don’t even bother. As someone who moves way too fast and is way too excited about quickly crossing items off my To Do list, this is something that speaks to me.

SLOW DOWN and DO IT RIGHT…or just forget about it.

What got me thinking about this saying was this recent Robert Kiyosaki article in Entrepreneur . He talks about the businesses that thrive and businesses that fail in economies like this one. The main difference, he says, between living and dying is in the marketing.

Marketing and promoting must always be part of the life of a business — regardless of the inevitable ups and downs of every cycle. He talks about the six-week cycle of promotion. Not sure if the six week thing has been part of my experience, but the Rich Dad/Poor Dad guy clearly knows a lot more about a lot more things than I do, so I will go with it.

Bottom line: Not only do all businesses need to market and promote during the worst of times, but they need to do it especially during the worst of times.

(The only thing that bugs me about the “go big or go home” thing is the “go home” part. To me, going home is a great thing. I love my home and it is my sanctuary in so many ways. Can’t I go big AND go home?! That would be the ultimate reward.)