The answer is always simpler than you thought it would be.

That in and of itself may seem a bit complicated, as our maneuvering, our questioning, our ruminating, our never-ending mental ping pong always tells us it must be really, really complicated.

But it isn’t.

It is simple.

And, yet, our egos and their henchmen seek out the complicated.

But, well, no.

The answer, the meaning you seek? It is already there. You don’t need to go nuts looking for it. Don’t devote all of your mental energy to imagining all of the various and complicated ways things can happen. That old mountain out of a molehill saying? I bet you are doing it. I know I am.

Stop. Know it is there. Listen more. Push less. Wait for it. It will rise above the noise, but only if you let it.

Yea, this requires trust. Maybe a weird kind of trust  you feel, well, weird about. Trust in yourself. In the unseen. Faith. In something bigger, no matter what it is. It requires an openness and a willingness. It can’t be your way or the high way. Can you accept that?

Sometimes the thing we thought we wanted isn’t actually the thing we wanted (or needed). Sometimes the thing we wanted comes in on a horse and we wee expecting a car. Or it is on foot and we are looking only in the air. You feel me here? When you think about it, “it” hardly ever looks like you thought “it” would look lit.

So….stop complicating everything. Take a step back. Stop pushing. Open up instead. Abandon the thought that you personally have to do everything and then some. You don’t and quite frankly, you can’t. Take a mental broom and sweep all of the crap that’s been fogging you up and bogging you down once and for all.

And then…what do you have to do? Know it will be OK.  Know you will be OK. Know you already are.