“This book is amazing. I have never read anything so open and honest before.”

Really? I’m flattered. But never? That’s troubling.

To answer the question, no. No, your story is not too honest. Neither is mine.

It’s scary to put it all out there. Even in a time of TMI (Too Much Information) from Facebook to Reality TV to selfies to Snapchat and everything in between, laying it bare like that is a scary prospect.

For me, however, it was always scarier to think that it may never be out there.

This book is my gift for my kids, and their future kids. It is for my mom, whose story was cut short. It is for my grandmother, whose story fueled her nine-plus-decades-long life.

It is also my gift to myself. And as such, honesty is the only choice here.

The stakes are high, so anything less than brutal, all-out, full-on honesty does not work.

My story is not too honest. Nor is yours.