You must know by now that good copywriting can boost your business.

Write a press release and it can be instantly distributed via newspapers, your website or public relations companies, both online and mainstream media.

Who is your audience?
A local audience differs from a global audience. A global audience may not be interested in a local angle. If you are highlighting your products further afield, write your press release to appeal to a broader audience.

Ask yourself:

• What is the purpose of your press release?
• Where will it run?
• What is your call to action?
• What do you want readers to do next?

It’s all about your audience.
Write your press release with the audience in mind and with language which appeals to your target group. You can still weave in information about your business and a call to action, while offering something of value.

As a do it yourself copywriter, a well written press release is a win all round – for the editor, the business owner (you!) and the reader. Writing a press release gets your message out to huge numbers of people at minimal cost. It’s a great way to boost your business through do it yourself copywriting.