A press kit (e-press kit or online press kit or online media kit, as they are also known) is not a “grab bag” of goodies. It’s a carefully crafted marketing tool designed to create business buzz. When you write copy for your press kit, focus on a few well selected do it yourself copywriting pieces to make an impact. When in doubt, go back to your purpose, your audience and the outcome you want.

The secret with writing a press kit or media kit is to keep it simple but make it pack a punch.

How? Here are a few basic tips on what to include in your press kit:

• Brochure
• Fact sheet
• Past press news clippings or articles
• Photos of key events or people
• Press release
• CD, DVD or Flash Drive with a presentation
• For authors – book chapter sample or color cover
• For artists and musicians – samples of music/art
• Contact information (you’d be surprised at how many people forget this part!)

How can you use a press kit?

• Send out on request
• Product or new services launch
• Launch of a book
• Press conferences, networking events and trade shows