Social Media Copywriting

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Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIN. Google+. Not to mention…Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr and whatever else is the platform “du jour.” So much to keep up with and keep track of…how can a business consistently create relevant and engaging content for all of these outlets?!

It is true…At the core of social media is content. Interacting with your market is all about ideas and emotions, thoughts and observations, advice and tips. But it takes work. And time. And words.

As a social media copywriter, I work with my clients to maintain their social media presence with content that makes sense, makes connections and, best of all, makes better use of everyone’s limited time and resources. As part of an ongoing online marketing plan that likely includes blogging, I can work closely with you and your team to get the right message out regularly on social media.

Let’s talk about your social media copywriting needs.