This is, I think, a post about gratitude.

This is not a “thank you” list, by the way. I have done those before, including here and here.

Like many of you, perhaps, I’m not the best or the most proficient at said practice. I took the picture you see to the left at the park across the street from my house, on one morning of hundreds that brought me more or less the same scene. I haven’t walked that route at that time of day in a while, so when I saw the picture on my computer this morning, it was like I was seeing all of it with new eyes. It was beautiful and magical and peaceful and special all over again, or maybe even for the first time.

And I think that is what gratitude is all about, at its core: New Eyes.

New Eyes isn’t about wishing for something new or better. Think of a baby seeing colors or moving objects for the first time. It’s all pretty exciting! New Eyes isn’t about waiting for change or hoping for different. Sure, all of those have their time and practice. But their place isn’t in grateful. Their place is about what’s next or what happened before. What’s lacking and what’s not enough. What we want more of and what we could do with less of.

There is no right now, in this moment when it comes to wishing or waiting or hoping. There are no New Eyes in regret about the past or anxiety over the future.

New Eyes require us to halt the chatter and the movie-making in our heads and just stop. Stop. Still. New Eyes are also about actually opening our eyes to what is right now, in this moment amazing and awesome and magical. New Eyes don’t require more or hope for less. New Eyes allow us to see that all we need is already ours.

Maybe right now doesn’t perfectly match the now that we think we long for, but right now is perfect for right now.

New Eyes remind us that everything is OK. That we are already OK.



What can YOU see with New Eyes today? Right now?