Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’
 ~ The Talmud 


Everywhere you look, someone is yelling about something.

About the enormous amount of weight they lost. About the instant change or transformation in their thinking that led to a new life. About love at first sight. About how much they love their job, the spouse, their life. About how smart and wonderful they are.

Yelling. It gets noisy.

Then, there’s you. You’re not a yeller. Sometimes, maybe, you wish you were. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and all that. Maybe, you reason, the yelling accelerates the process of change. Maybe weight loss is more rapid when you introduce yelling into the mix. Or love finds you more easily when you yell about it. Or yellers have more money in the bank. 

But then you see the folly in your thinking. You know yelling about it isn’t a way to generate results. You know that there are those who yell, and there are those who do. And, ultimately, you are a do-er. Because you want the results, the changes, the transformations and you want to take the front entrance, not the trap door of yelling.

You know this, even if you don’t necessarily like it.

Then, you remember. The message is in the whisper. The answers come in whispers, so soft they may first pass you by. The yellers, well, maybe they did lose the weight or find the dream job or land the man/woman the way they say they did. And maybe they didn’t. And maybe their way doesn’t matter one damn bit when it comes to you.

Sometimes, living with your own self every single day as you do, it is hard to see the changes. The growth. The stretching and expanding. The baby steps and the massive progress. It can be hard, when we are so often driven by results and that which we can see with our own eyes, to feel we are doing enough, making enough change.

Results that speak in whispers bore us and frustrate us. Sometimes, we want results that yell.

Then we get a sign. Maybe a seemingly-offhand comment from someone else. Or something we read. Or a sign in the outdoors. Something that reminds us, in a whisper,  that we are on the right track. That there is no yelling necessary in our part of the world. That the way of whispers does work. 

The sign reminds us to look beneath and beyond the yell. That the right track is not necessarily the fast track. That it’s all OK.


A whisper can be stronger, as an atom is stronger, than a whole mountain.
~Louise Nevelson