You may not have all the answers.

You may have no answers.

Many questions, though. But no answers.

You may not know what you thought should have been known by now.

You may look around you and feel like everyone else knows. (They so don’t.)

You may wonder when it will be your turn to know.

You think it’s unfair that you seem to be the only one. (Did I already say you’re not?)

You may be sick of the not knowing.

You may remember that not knowing is a luxury, but it doesn’t make you feel any better.

You may feel you deserve to know. You deserve something that looks and feels different from this gnawing uncertainty.

You may not even know what you are trying so hard to know. All you know is that you don’t know it. And did I say you are sick of not knowing it?

You’ve gotten real quiet, at times, to try and hear what you need to hear. You don’t think you have heard it. Or, maybe you have heard it? Who the hell knows.

At other times, you seek out the noise. Better to drown out that voice that keeps telling you that you don’t know. Because, let’s face it, you freakin’ know that you don’t know. No reminder needed.

The noise soothes you. The silence scares you. Somewhere in the middle might be nice, but you forgot how to get to the middle ground.

You don’t know. So what do you do when you don’t know?

You keep moving forward. One step after the next. In faith. In doubt. In both. With love and compassion and forgiveness for the person who matters the most…YOU.