You may know or have heard the acronym “TMI” — Too Much Information.

It’s what you have done/given when you’re just telling, writing or sharing way too much. It could be with a friend or in business or anywhere, for that matter.

Like when the person in front of you in the grocery checkout line takes about 3.2 seconds, without any prompting from you, to tell you how much she hates her husband and why she needs the lactose-milk instead of the regular? I know my kids enjoy telling their friends when one has given TMI on any given matter (and my kids, without a doubt, give me way TMI all the time! That’s probably a whole new blog in and of itself.)

So when in business is the info you are giving or sharing TMI? I see it happen all the time and I struggle with how much to share and when enough is enough. When consulting for blogs and blog content, for instance, I always tell people to stick with business information and insights and leave the personal info out (or for another blog) unless you can strongly tie it into something related to your expertise and product/service.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing or being honest (in fact, I encourage both), but talking about your child’s potty-training escapades (unless you are writing a parenting blog) or your search for Mr./Ms. Right (unless it’s a datings service) just doesn’t, IMHO, have a place in your business blog.

Be real, be honest and be you. Because if you’re not any or all of those, your market will sniff your in-authenticness (is that a word??) out from miles away. BUT….save the TMI kind of information for your personal blog or your night out with friends.

Or, find a great way to tie it into what you are selling and ‘WOW’ all of us!