Are you happy?

Do you think about what happy means for you?

About whether you are happy?

If not, do you think about what needs to change for you to feel happy?

If yes, is that your way? Are you a happy person?

I wonder what happy means. Whether there is a threshold – above this, I am happy, below it, not as much.

I think about how fortunate I am – is this knowledge enough to ensure my happiness?

Is happiness a three-legged stool in that it is all or nothing? It stays up with all three, it crumbles once even one is compromised?

If this is the case, what are my “legs?” Food, sleep, work, for sure. People, words, feedback. All of those things matter to me. What about other things, like hormones, my bank account, what another person might say to me and who knows what else?

I know that happiness comes from within. I get that. So if an external thing changes my mood, that’s all on me. It’s not really about that external thing. That doesn’t necessarily, for me, make it easier if someone I was counting on disappointed me or if a client finds a typo in work they paid me to do. Do those kinds of things diminish my happiness? Well, they certainly affect my mood.

I’ve never considered myself a happy person. Nor have I considered myself an unhappy person. I just am.

Maybe I think too much.

Maybe the key to happiness is to stop thinking about happiness and just be happy.

Sorry to ask, but do you know how to do that?