What do you do when….

You feel powerless in the face of someone else’s anger or fear.

You are at the receiving end of someone else’s misplaced hatred of themselves.

You give and give and it goes unnoticed. Or unappreciated. Or it is flat-out rejected.

You live in fear. You’re all about love, but you live in fear.

You don’t know where or how to begin changing your thoughts or feelings.

You get stomped on.

You are attacked.

You are exploited or abused.

You can’t see the forest for the trees, and you aren’t sure how to change the view.

You are committed to moving forward positively and powerfully, but old patterns sometimes (often?) hold you back. Two steps forward. One back.

You’ve come so far but you get tripped up, sometimes repeatedly, by the same nonsense you thought you left behind.

You find yourself back in situations you didn’t want, thinking “This is the last time.” But maybe it isn’t.

You have so much love and goodness in your life, but the tiny specks of non-love keep reminding you of how far you still have to go.

You hurt and you don’t know how to heal.

You are the punching bag of someone who wants to prevent your progress, who is threatened by your goodness, whose existence is built on making sure you feel as small as they do.

You feel so deeply that the toxicity of others permeates your tender wall and your loving heart.

You want to share your amazingness with the world, but you still play very small.

You find yourself in all-too-many “What did I do to deserve this?” situations.

Your power seems to wane when you need it most.

You want “NOW” to be the time, but it doesn’t seem to be.

Tell me, please….what do you do?