I know you are seeking it. We all are.

The word that will make it worthwhile.

The stamp to your parking ticket.

The “You’re doing great, keep going.”

The sign that you are a good fit. That you are not off-base.

That the thing you are doing or the word you are saying is acceptable. To them.

That it isn’t your fault. That you did all you could do.

That you’re in the right place. On the right track.

To confirm. To approve. To control us as we allow ourselves to be controlled.

To make us valid.

As if….

…You need the word to do the thing you want to do.

…You need to fit into someone else’s idea of you.

…You avoid hurt and mistakes by deferring to them in the first place. You will still get hurt. You will still make mistakes.

…You need to stay still for them. You need to move forward on their OK. You need to shy away from big because you were validated only for small.

…You need to keep them happy. You will avoid unhappiness by keeping them happy.

…You are doing this for them, for someone else, you’re so selfless, always for them. 

…You need the nod to show you that you are good or right or kind.

…You need something on the outside to tell you what you are on the inside.

…You need the go-ahead or the permission. 

…You can really control any of it.

…You need the rule on your side.

…You are still being graded for handwriting, for drawing in the lines, for sitting quietly, for sharing until you have nothing left for yourself.

…You need someone who gets you better than you get you, who understands your truth better than you understand your truth, who knows you better than you know you.

…You don’t already know the truth.

Validate yourself….

You don’t need to wait.

You don’t need to seek.

You don’t need to wonder.

You’ve already answered.

You can approve it yourself.

You know.

You were already cleared to pass Go.

Valid doesn’t wait or still or hope or wish. You are already valid.

Your parking sticker has already been stamped.



* * *