All Most Many of us have too much.

Just way too much, too many and an over-supply.

Of everything.



“Have Tos” and “Shoulds”


Good ideas not acted upon and not-good ideas we still pursue.





People in our lives who shouldn’t be in our lives.

Unrequited loves.

Reasons Why.

Reasons Why Not.


Unread books, unworn clothes, uneaten vegetables.

We use the too much to hide and mask and silence. We prevent our own shedding. We hang on. We don’t let go.

We save forgiveness and compassion and focused and inspired action for “another day.” We cross off to-dos all day long and, yet, we never actually get the big stuff done. Or we don’t even know what the big stuff is, so we major in minor things as Tony Robbins has said.

We choose too much and too many over stopping or silence or pause.

Because stopping and silence and pause scare us.

Because then we may hear or see or learn something we didn’t want to face about ourselves.

Because then we may be able to actually listen to that voice inside (as in, “your soul”) and, well, maybe we are scared you-know-what less of what it has to say.

And you know what? All of that is OK. Yes. Really. OK.

All of that means that you are scared and wonderful and human.  When the time is right, it is my hope that you will know it is right and do something about it. Not because I think I think you should do what I think you should do, but because when you do allow yourself to listen to your soul and when you make the decision to act on faith and trust in the direction of that voice, then you will do nothing short of changing the world.

And I, for one, want to be around to witness that pile of awesomeness.