This is the blog post where I call “B.S” on, well, all of the B.S. I am seeing out there.

Yes, this is a rant. No, I am not angry or negative. Just annoyed and over it. And hoping you are, too.

The deal goes something like this: I have had enough of experts and gurus and thought leaders (God, I hate that one) and go-to people and, well, the majority of people talking non-stop in cyberspace about who they are and what they do and how great they are and how positive they are and how wonderful their lives are.

Because you know what?

Most of them are broke.

Most of them have no business model.

Most of them have really screwed-up relationships (we all have some of those – but most of us do not talk all day long about how great ours all are).

Most of them are living a reality that has no semblance to the non-reality they want you to think is theirs.

Most of them want to teach you about money management but can’t balance a checkbook, or time management when their schedule is a disaster or parenting when their kid is no more or less “perfect” than yours or mine.

Most of them want you to think they know, have and are more than you because if you saw the truth, well, you wouldn’t know who the hell to believe in anymore.

And the truth is, they don’t really want you to believe in you. They want you to believe in them. Because that false admiration and cyber-attention is really all they have to hang onto at this point.

So in the spirit of the title of this post, I’d ask you to re-consider (or not  — that’s your prerogative — but you have read this far already, right? ) where your attention, your adoration, your time, your energy and your money being directed.

Because ultimately, it all needs to flow back to YOU. Not to them. Not to the fakeness or the nonsense or the total B.S. you may have been buying into. (And by the way, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed – each and every one of us has fallen into this thing more than once.)

For the sake of anything that really matters, please please please start trusting yourself more.

Take more action.

Do more things that scare you.

Worry less what “they” think or what “they” are doing.

Say and write what you really feel and, while you are at it, say “NO” more.

Listen to the truth your insides are telling you.

Stop reading things and talking about things and interacting with people who, when you walk away, have managed to make you feel worse – not better – about yourself.

Banish the things you are “supposed” to do and you “should” do and start thinking about what and who you really want.

Stop thinking that anyone else, their job, their business model, their tweets, their friends or their life are better or cooler than yours.

Love your own mess because it isn’t better or worse than anyone else’s. And it is all yours.

Finally, stop reading about things you already know deep in your heart. Because there is nothing I’ve written here that is new or novel or brilliant. And just reading it or knowing it isn’t enough.

So go and do it. Move. Act. Shift. Fly. Make a mess. Live it…a B.S.-Free Life.

Let me know how it goes….