There is The Day Of, and then there is, inevitably, The Day After.

Sometimes, yesterday was something hard — too long, too much, to stressful, too all over the place.

But there is always The Day After. A chance to fix what didn’t work. To move on from what you can’t change. To let go of whatever you can.

A clean slate. A new sunrise.A different way.A better habit. A bigger smile. A better way.

A new chance. A gift. That comes automatically (until the day it doesn’t).

A chance for something better: A better reaction, a better night’s sleep, a better diet, better choices. A new chance for a new chance: To heal, to love, to breathe in and out with ease.

Today is The Day After Yesterday. Yesterday, I didn’t get it all right. I did too much. I didn’t do enough. I didn’t get to it. I forgot. I remembered. I slipped up. I hated it. I loved it. I wasn’t sure. I made an excuse. I bowed out. I wanted in. I gave. I took it all in, too. 

Tomorrow, today will be The Day After.

Only Today is the Sure Thing. Your “now” is in today. Your breath is in today. Your “yes” is in today, and your “no” is in today. Everything you need (maybe not all you want) is in today.

The Day After is not a sure thing. When you are blessed with it, use it wisely. Make change. Make peace. Make a way. Your way. 

No guarantee.