To give oneself up, submit or yield.


It is to say goodbye to all of the expectations you had. To acknowledge you are not in control of everything. To abandon the quest for what “should” be or is “supposed” to be. It is to be at peace with what is and with what will be.

Surrender is about knowing. And trusting. Not pushing. Not your timetable. Not only your way.

To surrender is not to give up. To surrender is to open, to allow, to accept. Surrender doesn’t fight back. It offers no resistance. Surrender changes the whole game.

To surrender is to say “yes” to a different way, a simpler way, the only way.  It is also about saying “no.” To your rigid expectations, to the way it “has” to be, to your iron-clad plan.

Surrender is my reminder, my lesson of every day. As Lao Tzu said, “To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go.” Some days, I push. I hold on too tight. I strive too hard. I haven’t forgotten, but I revert to old ways. Or maybe my Ego thinks it knows better. But there are moments in which I remember. To surrender. To let go. To trust. To be.

And I am reminded of how much I know, and of how little I know. I am reminded of what really works and of how I am not alone. I am reminded of how great an illusion control is. I am reminded that i do not know everything. I am reminded that disappointment is about expectation and expectation is about, you guessed it, control.

I am reminded that I already have all that I need. And I am reminded that it’s OK. All of it.