Not everyone is going to want to hear what you have to say.

Not everyone will care about your story,

Not everyone will read your words.

Not everyone will hear you, really hear you, or see you, really see you.

Not everyone will give a damn about any of it.

Not everyone is going to like your truth.

And that is OK.

That shouldn’t deter you, nor should it stop you.

You may even disappoint some of “them.” Actually, you will very likely disappoint some of them. Sometimes more than some. They will let you know that, too. They’ll question it, they’ll question you. Then you will question you, too.

You will probably at some point surprise them with what they think is your new-found independence or free-thinking ways or weird ideas or crazy notions about who you are and what you want. They don’t like to be surprised.

They’ll wonder what happened to the “old” you. The one that was easier for them to swallow. The one that didn’t confuse them. The one who didn’t question. The one who let things lie. The one who sought less and sat back more. The one who kept her mouth shut. The one who kept his big dreams to himself. 

They’ll urge you to drop this nonsense and to stop being so silly. They’ll remind you of how reasonable and practical you “really” are.

They’ll do their best to remind you of who they think you should be.

That is all OK, too.

You’ll feel guilty for “shaking things up.”

You’ll feel scared to rock the boat.

You’ll feel that now is not the time.

You’ll feel you need to think of everyone else before you can have the luxury of dealing with your own truth.

That is all OK, too.

No one but you owns your truth. But others will try to inhabit it.

No one but you can tell your truth. But others will try to shape it.

No one but you shares your truth. But others will try to lump it with so many others.

No one but you knows your truth. And you can share it proudly, boldly, unequivocally.

That is all OK, too.

Now may not be right. Now may be scary.

But…when will “now” come?  When they stop being disappointed and surprised and disrupted? When you are ready and things change and this happens so that can happen so the other things can happen?

When will “now” really be right now?

Just wondering.