Every month we share our mess as it relates to that month’s theme. And love, well, who among us has not made a mess at one time or another (or more!) when it comes to love?!

So…Messy Love….I bet you have a few things to say about this one!

How messy is your love life? (And, by the way, if you say your love life is neat and tidy with no mess in sight, well, then, I don’t know if I believe you…)

What causes the messes in your love life, whether you are married and/or in a committed relationship or single, dating, splitting or undecided? If you are part of a couple, what does your other half say you do to make a mess? What does he/she do that messes with you?

What is the messiest thing you have ever done, said or even thought in the name of love?

C’mon, let’s have it!