You are scared.

Of that new thing you want so very badly.

Of that old thing that won’t go away.

You are scared.

To apologize.

To not apologize.

You are scared.

To say yes.

To say no.

To hear yes.

To hear no.

To be rejected.

To be accepted.

Of acceptance.

You are scared.

You’ve been burned. Rejected. Put down. Shut down.

You’ve been down. So far down.

You are scared.

It wasn’t fair.

You deserved something better.

You are scared.

Of seeing that person again.

Of never seeing them again.

You are scared.

That they hate you as much as you hate them.

That they love you as much as you love them.

You are scared.

It will never happen.

It already happened.

It might happen soon.

It is happening now.

You are scared.

Maybe they were right about you.

Maybe you are so fucked up no one will love you.

Maybe you are as bad as they said you were.

Maybe you are fat.

Maybe your nose is big.

Maybe you have frown lines and laugh wrinkles. A double chin.

You are scared.

It is impossible.

It is possible.

You are scared.

You will make a fool of yourself in public.

You already made a fool of yourself in public.

You will mess up again.

Everyone will know.

Everyone already knows.

You are scared.

You aren’t good at it.

You are so good at it.

You are scared.

You’ll always be scared.

You’ll lose to scared. (Scared will win.)

You’re weaker than scared. (You will win.)

You are scared.

You suck so badly.

You are brilliant beyond belief.

You are scared.

Of the spotlight.

Of the darkness.

You are scared.

Everyone else is moving forward. You are stuck.

Only you are moving forward. You can’t leave them behind.

You are scared.

Yes, you are. I am too. Everyone is.

You are also loved.

And adored.

And brilliant.

And full of light.

You are scared.

It is OK.

You are OK.


* * *