Yesterday, I have concluded, was a perfect day.


As in, could not have been more betterer.

It had all of the components of perfection. It was simple and good and lovely. (And it was a Saturday — always a plus.)

Yet the components didn’t matter a ton. Even more than what I did (or didn’t do), the perfection comes from other sources.

It comes from expectations.

I didn’t wake up thinking “This will be a perfect day.”

It comes from surrender. I didn’t push anything or try to make it happen. I just let things be. In fact, as I sat in the pedicure chair reading my Iyanla Vanzant book, I read something along those very lines and tweeted it.

Just  be. In and of itself, that is a perfect thing.

Like I said, the specifics of the day are not of the utmost importance. Regardless and because I know you love me and because I’d demand them from you, here they are…On said perfect day, I:

  • Took a long morning walk
  • Got the aforementioned pedicure
  • Bought a ring and a purse for under $50 combined
  • Took a colossal nap (3-4 hours)
  • Got an unexpected pool table (long story) to fill an empty space whose time had come
  • Ate a fresh chocolate croissant in the morning and guacamole and chips and dark chocolate in the evening
  • Finished everything on my modified, finally-realistic-for-a-Saturday To Do list
  • Completed 4 hours of online traffic school (penitence for a speeding ticket) and then got a 90 on the test (needed an 80 or above, yay!)

Again, the details are important but really not.

What is important is that I am getting pretty good at being real. At loving myself. At going easy on myself. At drinking in now rather than agonizing over later or before.

And that’s what I did on my perfect day. I lived in it. Not in Friday, the day before, or Sunday, the day after.

Not every day will have chocolate croissants and not every day is Saturday. But every day can be perfect. It really can.

Very very real and imperfect and perfect.

Tomorrow I may wake up and be in a foul mood and find that nothing works or fits or makes sense. But I know that real perfect (in its imperfection) is possible.


Today I woke up incredibly well-rested and calm. Immediately I remembered with a smile yesterday’s perfection. I thought briefly about how I could possibly re-create or repeat that. But before I got caught up in this “how,” I stopped. I didn’t need to plan it or force it. I just needed to go with it and to be in it and to live it.

And that is exactly what I intend to do. Today and tomorrow and the next day.


That is all. Yes, that is really all.