I want to do, fix, change and complete everything.

All at once.

Like, right now.

Well, actually, more like yesterday.

Doing too much (or wanting to do too much) is an addiction.

The ultimate irony? Trying to do everything all at once is never, ever, EVER actually the way things get done.

Trying to do everything all at once is, in fact, the best way to get none of it done.

Trying to do everything all at once is, for me at the very least, a sure sign of lack of focus. Of absence of clarity. Of a fear of doing — REALLY doing — something the way it should be done.

I have learned that I need to clear the decks and start from scratch to do it right. Starting from scratch often means that there is that scary point in time when you are post-jump, pre-landing. In mid-air, so to speak.

You may feel as if YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE F*** YOU ARE DOING. And you are terrified because the way you knew before, when you tried to do it all at once, while ineffective and unnatural, felt safe and what you are doing right now feels un-safe as hell. 

Then, usually, often, sometimes….somewhere between mid-air and landing, something often shifts. Sometimes is a hard, smack-you-upside-the-head shift, and sometimes soft and subtle.

You see the picture differently.

You recognize the folly of your ways.

You may laugh at your unrealistic expectations of your own self.

Sometimes, you may go back to the old ways because you don’t know what the new ways yet are.

But you have the awareness now, and you can stop yourself.

And return to the mid-air place. Sometimes over and over again. Sometimes one-and-done.

Then you start to see. What works. What doesn’t. What never did. How things are different. How you are different.

Oh, and that thing that you are doing differently? For you, it may be something else. For me, it is the condition known as Trying To Do Everything At Once. For you, it could be any number of other conditions. The great part is you already know your condition. You don’t need me or anyone else to diagnose it for you.

And in the great tradition of not attempting to do everything you need to do in your life right here, today, I would also like to add that maybe your awareness, your mid-air leap, your change isn’t going to come today.

Maybe today is just not that day. That’s totally cool, too.

You’ll know when your today comes. You’ll go through stages in which every day is a “today” and others in which todays are few and far between. Go with it and know you have the wisdom to know which is which.

Today. And then tomorrow. And then the next day.

One at a time.


What is your “one at a time” thing?