I am on an island.

Not figuratively. Literally. I am on an island.

Said island is not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but away from most somewheres I know. No cars on this island, you need your own boat or a water taxi to get here. Nothing commercial on the island, unless you count the restaurant of the inn/place we are staying at. Internet is spotty, to say the least (this is the first time I have gotten on my computer in 48 hours.)

I’ve learned and remembered some important things here:

My home is its own getaway.

My bed is unbelievably comfortable.

I’m bratty when it comes to my own shower, my own space, my routine. 

I can’t sleep late. Even with no kids, no dog and no schedule. I need to move on from that hope. Especially when I am in a strange bed in an old cottage with creaking floors and unknown noises and quirks.

When someone tells me there are raccoons, snakes and turtles all around, they aren’t getting me excited in a good way.

My food restrictions can make life outside my controlled environment anything from annoying to stressful.

My boyfriend can make friends with anyone and spend 6, 7, 8 hours talking with his new friends about anything. Me? Not so much. I’m still good with a book and silence. Actually, 8 hours of making conversation makes me nervous. And I am in awe of people like him who are so good at it.

I didn’t miss reality, but then again I haven’t been away from it for very long. And we are leaving in an hour or two for home. I probably won’t post this until later because the whole Internet thing is a bit of a clusterf–k here and I am not up for stressing about it. As I write this, I’m looking out over a beautiful view of water, trees, boats and sky. And you know what? It makes me miss home. Maybe “appreciate” home is the more accurate word. Either way, there is a ton of beauty and serenity and comfort in my own everyday life. I don’t have anything bad I need to get away from or get a break from. I don’t need to plan a retreat to have one.

That is all a blessing, my blessing. And that is what I learned on my getaway.

There’s no place like home…for me at least.