It is possible that today I have nothing to write.

But I have to have something to write because of the commitment I made to write every (week)day.

Here’s what I thought of writing:

1) I’ve been seeing the same theme lately. Prospective clients telling me they want to hire me because next year will be “their” year. Friends who announce next year things will be different, better. Articles and blog posts I’m reading talking about the changing tide rolling in for next year. Seems like 2012 will be a power year for so many of you, and that is awesome. I love the attitude. The post, in my mind, was entitled “This Year Is Now.” But I didn’t have anywhere to go with it.

2) Then I thought about a title “What Do You Do?” in relation to how you reaction, function, live when you have a constant negative force (usually in the form of another person) in your life. But while that post would have been great in presenting a common issue and problem many of us face, I don’t currently have a ton of words of wisdom to share in terms of a solution. (If you have that recipe, let me know and I will write about it!) I also think I used that title before (hard to keep track sometimes….).

3) Then I thought about tying in some sort of holiday theme (because, of course, NO ONE else is talking about the holidays, right?)

4) Then I was a little freaked out because I NEVER get to #4. NEVER! I sit down and something pours out. I don’t plan ahead or even think much about it before I start to write it. So I asked myself, “What can you be the most honest about right now?

5) And thus “Nothing To Write” found its title.


So I thought I would tell you about how I write. I do get asked about it sometimes, as a copywriter (which is a whole other can of worms) and as a write-about-my-real-life writer. But this post is not about copywriting. It is about inspiration and knowing and putting the inspiration and knowing into words.

The short answer is “I don’t know.” This is what I do. I can’t do my taxes (thanks, Scott!) or clean the gutters (thanks, honey!). I can write. So that’s what I do. I could do it all day long, and sometimes I do. It comes very, very easily to me (always has) so sometimes it is hard to help others find that same ease. Because “I don’t know how I do it” is not the best advice for another.

Much of my process is about not having a process. (See #4 above.) I write as if I am writing in my journal (with minimal editing, hence why you may find typos now and then). I sit down and let it fly. I’ve learned that for the purposes of this blog, 600-800 words is ideal. Less is fine, too. More than 800 and people (Hi Seth!) feel like they are back in High School English class.

I write for me first. Yes, ME. I have learned that when I do it for me, others are positively affected. Writing for me is the best way to write for others. Others are not the same as “them.” When I do it for “them,” I’m not helping anyone, least of all myself. When I do it for me, others who need it find it. Amazingly and without fail. It’s a cool thing to be part of.

I have a writing place. I write, usually, at my desk. I usually have a candle lit (it usually smells good). Neither is a must for the rest of you. I can write anywhere, but I choose not to. I also run my business from this same desk, so that works out well.

I stopped caring. Once I stopped caring about people who don’t like me or what I have to say, I started writing better, and more. If you don’t like me, or what I have to say, or the “F” word, chances are you a) aren’t reading my stuff or b) you are silently stalking my blog because you are bored/have too much free time/really like me but don’t want to. Whatever it is, I care not at all about you. Though I do wish you well on this and other endeavors.

I love the rest of you. As in, I am mad about you, adore, wish I could hug you hard and tight every single day. Every comment I get on this blog, EVERY SINGLE COMMENT, feels like a freakin’ love letter to me. Those words DO matter to me, more than most anything. Not because they are usually words of praise (which don’t hurt, mind you) but because I know someone read something that mattered to them, that made a difference, that changed something. That change in them can and will change the entire world. And guess what? My words are no more important than your words or actions or creative acts or every-day deeds. Which means that you, too. can change the whole world single-handedly. Should you wish to accept that, of course. (And you better!)

So this is me having nothing to write. A little collection of nothings that could be everything for someone. Or not.

Love you and thank you.


What about YOU? What do you write (or do) when you have nothing to write (or do)?