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UPDATE: My book will be released Summer 2016! New info will be posted at and here.

Aftermath Cover_NEW FRONT3My memoir, tentatively titled AFTERMATH: A Granddaughter’s Story 
of Legacy, Healing & Hope, is about being born into a family that may have looked much like the others, but that on the inside was often very different. It is about being born into a history that never dies. It is about memory and miracles. It is about the delicate balance between a proud legacy and a burdensome responsibility. It is about knowing from a young age that you are the one meant to somehow break your family’s generations-long patterns. It is about trauma and hope, tragedies and miracles, repeating patterns throughout the generations and then finding ways to break the patterns once and for all.

I grew up two generations removed from the horrors of Auschwitz, yet it was a central part of my otherwise-typical American suburban upper-middle-class life. My story is about being born two generations removed and yet still firmly in the thick of the aftermath of a singular event that changed the course of my family forever. It is about finding your way and your truth in the mess of the aftermath.