In an attempt to be smarter about my time and, let’s face it, reign (rein?) in my diffuse awareness (thank you to my bff Elizabeth for opening my eyes to that term), I am working on consolidating my reading time.

Not my nighttime-reading-in-bed time, but my business/life inspiration/make new connections reading time.

The kind of reading time that, for me, when not planned, becomes an entire morning or hours on end when, let’s face it, I’d intended to do something else.

  • My first step was to compile a list of “must-read” (for me) blogs that I want to visit each week.
  • This list does not include the blogs of friends and Love Your Mess members who are automatically part of my must-read regimen :).
  • I don’t know these people personally (or I didn’t before I found the blogs.)
  • These are all blogs I found organically or by direct suggestion or link from another blog or person. I was looking to be inspired, moved, to learn something, to have my eyes opened. I wasn’t looking to be told to or sold to.
  • This is NOT an exhaustive list…it is in its infancy stages, and I will add more as time goes on.
  • Please share your must-reads in the comments below, too, for all of us!

Here is what I have so far:
Cordelia Calls It Quits

The Middle Finger Project

Ollin Morales

Work Awesome

Be Still and Know

If You Never Did

Surviving Narcissism

Joel Runyon

The Art of Minimalism

Your Turn!