I enjoy thinking of the whole Love Your Mess thing as a movement.

I don’t mean “movement” like picket signs and rallies and petitions. I mean movement more along the lines of people being awakened, inspired and then acting. All in different ways; for instance, your awakening will be different from mine. The details and information you seek will be different. The ways you make changes or see the truth will be different.

But the core of what is happening to you is the same as the core of what is happening to me. It is real and honest and full of light. No more B.S. or pretending. That’s what I mean by “movement.”

And, sure, when you come across someone who is at a crossroads seeking her own answers, I wouldn’t mind it if you told her about the Love Your Mess book and our movement.

Isn’t that what it is all about?!

So in this section, I will share new resources, ideas, books, blogs and other people, places and things that have moved, inspired or wowed me in some way. The more I am living life in this awakened state, the more I am open to new things, the more I find it (or it finds me). And here I will share it with you and hope you will share it right back with me and with each other.