I first met Sherrie Rose in San Diego in 2009 at an Internet Marketing event (my first and likely last in that world). Known as “The Love Linguist,” Sherrie talked with me about The 5 Love Dynamics and how we can make big messes of love (and all of the stuff we associate with love) when we aren’t clear on where we are or where our partner is. This was a really cool way of looking at love (in my humble opinion) and Sherrie really knows her stuff!(She is also an incredibly kind and giving person, to boot.)

A couple of my favorite things Sherrie said during our conversation:

“You don’t need a PhD in biology to put sex on your to-do list.”

“You can’t get yourself perfect before you get in a relationship — it’s impossible.”

“All great truths are really simple.”

Enjoy — and be sure to connect with Sherrie on Facebook, twitter and through her website if you want to learn more! (She gives all of her contact information at the end of our conversation.)

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