“By letting it go it all gets done” ~ Lao-Tzu

There is letting go. And then there is LETTING GO. The kind that frees you to your soul. The kind that came about from baby steps but feels like the most massive, unimaginable progress. The kind that came about from forgiving, most of all of yourself and from loving, most of all for yourself.

LETTING GO is when you can give a little chuckle about the thing or the one that might’ve plagued you in the past.

LETTING GO frees you to focus on what really matters.

LETTING GO allows you to say goodbye to ruminating and dwelling and making movies in your head.

LETTING GO brings you to now and right here.

LETTING GO is the greatest progress you could hope for. Even when it seems like just a little nothing.

LETTING GO may very well be the greatest gift that could come your way.

LETTING GO is about welcoming your future. LETTING GO is about cherishing your past.

LETTING GO has its own time. Its own schedule. Its own way.

LETTING GO means you chose YOU over it or them or that thing or him or her or that time or once upon a time.

LETTING GO is a signal that it’s “go time” for the rest of your life.

LETTING GO happens every day, in tiny miracles and in big deals.

Want to lose weight or stop that awful habit or be able to better focus or find that long-lost patience you once had? You can. But probably not as long as you are latched on so tight that your knuckles are white with the yearning to change that which will never EVER be changed. Not as long as you think IT (or HIM OR HER OR THEM) is the key to fixing it all. Not as long as you think there is a “magic pill” that will fix this clusterfuck of a mess in which you find yourself.

LETTING GO is about choosing peace over drama, choosing now over back then, you over anything and everything else. That means making conscious decision after conscious decision and committing to moving forward with your head held high. (And on the days that you just can’t hold it high, accepting that the best you can do is lay low and give yourself a break.)

LETTING GO is about letting the fuck go.

Expect realistic progress and have faith in miraculous transformations. Know that it is coming, that it is yours. But no one else can do it, think it, write it or put it in easy-to-digest-form for you.

They can hold your hand, but ultimately, only you can do the work.

The glorious, powerful and enormously hard work of being who you were meant to be.

LETTING GO is about choosing toward that which is both delicious and excruciating.

Enjoy it.