I talk about it a lot with my close friends.


My thing right now. Maybe yours now, or before, or later.

It’s The Lull.

The Lull. It’s a term I came up with sometime last year in the throes of my own personal lull. But The Lull certainly isn’t mine. The Lull is universal. (Dictionary definition: A temporary calm, quiet, or stillness: a lull in a storm, a soothing sound.)

The Lull. It is a time, place, feeling, aura, energy, thing that you live, feel, experience, breathe, go crazy from, can’t figure out, desperately need, reject and embrace.

The Lull. It is the period (sorry, I can’t give you a specific time or length) after what came before but before what is next.

The Lull.

It is limbo.

It is neither here nor there.

It doesn’t have a map, a plan or a handy GPS.

No one aspires to hang in The Lull.

It doesn’t make sense, but it makes all the sense in the world.

It is both fleeting and endless.

No, it isn’t one of those wacky riddles. And yes, it is so freakin weird.

The Lull is what happens after you make or experience big decisions, announcements, upheavals, changes, shifts, realizations yet before those big decisions, announcements, upheavals, changes, shifts or realizations translate to the next stage of your every-day life.

I can’t give you a ton of advice (or maybe not any) for your Lull(s). Here is what I do know, though:

  • Having real friends who “get” you, who don’t judge and who make themselves available to you and all your weirdness (not a judgment, I promise) is a major key to being OK in The Lull.
  • Along those lines, I can also tell you that The Lull is definitely, certainly, totally not the time or place to allow your Inner Critic to do his/her thing at high gear. Tell him/her to lay off for a while. The Lull best does its thing when you are as free as possible from self-judgment.
  • Don’t be a Lull Hater. As already established, The Lull is weirdness in so many ways. Especially for people who like to have A Guarantee or A Plan or know The Way. See The Lull for what it is. A gift. Seriously.
  • I can also tell you that drinking, smoking, over-tweeting, over-socializing, excessive comfort zone dwelling or making/carrying out massive decisions during The Lull may not be a good idea. Extra chocolate is likely recommended. (Really, that’s not just me saying that…..) Moving your body in a gym or outside for a walk or in some way that has nothing to do with your computer, TV or the Internet is a huge positive, too.

This morning in a text and later a tweet with friends, I likened a feeling I have right now to “being at the corner of Lost and Found.” (In case you haven’t figured it out by this point, I am so in The Lull they may name a building there after me.)

It can go either way. I can go either way. You, too, can go either way.

And guess who decides for me? Me. Moi. Yours Truly. And for you? Same thing: Only you.

That’s why I am picking “Found” over “Lost” any day of the week.

So whether you are in The Lull right now or whether you fear The Lull or maybe you recall your most frequent Lull with fondness or some other emotion, I send you a big hug. Not for any profound reason; mostly because hugs rock to begin with, and they feel all the better when you are in The Lull.

I’m riding out my own Lull as peacefully and lovingly as I can. My own Lull is about compassion and passion and forgiveness, that much I do know.

So if you are out and about in The Lull, I will likely see you at the corner. You know which corner I’m talking about.