Nothing determines who we will become so much as those things we choose to ignore ~ Sandor Minab

This is the quote that made its way into my life this morning.

Of course it did! It is, for me, super-relevant and, well, ain’t it the truth?!

But people like me aren’t good at ignoring. We want people to think we are nice and sweet and polite. We don’t ignore people or things because that isn’t nice or sweet or polite.

You know, that person you feel you have to call back, or the email you have to reply to, or the plans you don’t want to make but have to, or that person you have to stay friends with because, well, because? Yea, all of those “have tos” – what if you ignored those have tos that aren’t working for you and, instead, put your energy on the things that energize you back and motivate you back and serve you back?

Take that jerky person who has always been inconsiderate and on another wavelength. Yea….you know the one I am talking about, right? That person is likely not going to change. Ever. Doesn’t matter how nice and wonderful you are. They will continue to suck. It really has nothing to do with you. They just suck. Bang your head against the wall that is them all you want and guess what? They still won’t change (and your head will hurt something awful).

What would happen if you ignored them?

What would change for you?

What would be different?

What if, instead of trying to control that which you cannot control, you simply ignored the people and things that don’t freakin work?

Oh yea, I am sure you have all sorts of reasons why this is a very bad idea. Why it wouldn’t be nice or sweet or polite. Why that person needs you to not ignore them, needs your attention, needs you to fix things, needs you period.

Yea, how’s that working for you?!

I thought so.

Try it. Ignore them. Ignore it. Ignore those other things. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

All of a sudden, you will have room. Room and space for things and people that are good. That matter. That serve you.

You will have made space for shit that works.

Imagine that: A life where things and people work. Where head-banging is reserved for concerts. Where ignoring is sanctioned and encouraged. A life where you are in control of everything  you need to be in control of.

Sounds good to me. Let’s do it.

What about you, what (or who) are you ready and willing to ignore?