I get you.

I know more about you than you think.

I know about some of your relationships. I know about your stories. Your excuses. Your “never agains”  Your “what ifs” and your “maybe just one more times.” I know what it is like to wonder “Is it me?” or “Why do I keep making the same mistake?” I know what you worry about. I know why you are frustrated. I get what not knowing how much more you can take feels like. I know that sometimes you feel you just can’t go on.

I believe you mean it when you say you are only giving one last chance to that person or that relationship. I understand why one last chance is never really the last chance. I know how you blame yourself that it isn’t working.  I feel your pain, understand your regret, can relate to your questioning. 

Guess what? You are not the only one.

You are not the only one who

feels alone

gives too much

is way too nice

keeps getting fucked over in the same relationship

gets hurt easily

expects love, even when it is nowhere to be found

keeps giving, even when no one else is

feels sad about what might have been

dares to feel hope about what might be

questions WHY

questions WHY a lot

also wants to know WHY NOT

remembers how hurtful, how hateful, how horrible they were, or it was

thinks this time will be different

wonders why nothing has changed

can’t fix what’s broken

wants a magic pill to fix it all

can’t find the light at the end of the tunnel

still has faith that that light is there.

You are not alone.

I get you.