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I work with businesses and individuals like you to do just that. Whether you are a do-it-yourself entrepreneur, a multinational corporation or anything in-between, chances are I have written copy and consulted for an organization like yours. Through this site, you can learn more about the services my company provides, including copywriting, ghostwriting and writing seminars. You can also read about my other projects, check out my blog and, at any time, contact me to start a dialogue about any of the above.

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Allison Media Group

Powered by words. My business is about harnessing the power of words to help businesses communicate, sell, inform, educate and publicize. I work closely with corporations, organizations and agencies — and their clients — and I use the inherent and infinite power of words to help them move forward, achieve goals and see their vision in action.

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Aftermath: A Granddaughter’s Story of Legacy, Healing & Hope

This is not your usual Holocaust book.This is not even a Holocaust book, but without the Holocaust, it does not exist.AFTERMATH is for anyone who is drawn to a good story of family and heartbreak and trauma mixed in with genuine love.

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Writing Seminars

I work closely with corporations, nonprofits, associations and professional firms to create customized seminars and training for groups of five to 500. These highly interactive and personalized programs can take place on-site at your place of business or virtually via webinar.

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From My Personal Blog

This is 45:
Here I am, equidistant from 15 and 75. Equal parts wonder and “meh.” At 45, I’m now parentless. At 45, I miss my mom more than ever. At 45, I’m preparing for one of my birdies to leave the nest, the other in just two years. At 45, I am loved and supported beyond what I ever expected.

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